Stop Wasting Time

Are you spending too much time on dumb stuff? I have been watching some youtube videos that lead to even more information.  The information is really solid and the videos were really on point.  The topic of how you are using your time was brought up.  You have only so many hours in a day and you might be wasting them on unproductive activities.

Take the time to start planning your days.  You need to have focus.  There are lots of people everyday that lose countless hours on stuff like tv.  The tv is just sending you information like a water hose.  You really don’t have time to think.

One of the topics that was brought up was the audio series by earl nightingale called Lead The Field.

Two big topics shined brightly.  The topic of goals and service were the ones that got my attention on the first go round.  You are not going to get everything with just one time through.  Make sure to get a pen and pad to start taking some notes.


What do you want to do?  This is something that gets a lot of people.  They don’t know what they want.  So the opportunity to drift is present.  You can take that away by coming up with goals.  What do you want to work towards?  Putting it down on paper makes it something that is concrete.


The program talked about money.  People say that they want more money, the key according to the program is service.  If you can provide a service that the market wants, you can make more money.  Just think about all the big companies like walmart, mcdonalds, target, etc.  They serve a lot of people.  There are small businesses that have found a way to serve lots of people.  Can you come up with a service that is wanted?

The key is to stop wasting your time on things that don’t matter.  Focus on the important stuff and start setting some goals.  Write them down and monitor them.

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