Stay Focused on Your Goals

It is really a good idea to watch videos in areas that are not your main area of focus.  Sometimes you will see that there is a common thread that is bottom line basic. Just the other day, I was watching some videos on training for a network marketing company.  Some people get immediately turned off when they hear the words network marketing.  You have to push past that and just get down to the basics of what is being explained.  So I ignored the compensation plan and just watched the presentation of the facts.

What did I learn?  It is all about the numbers.  The presentation was smooth, but I immediately realized that network marketing trainer could have just as easily been talking about any business in general.  There are some basic business skills that are going to be needed no matter what.  Are you skilled at sales?  Do you have a problem talking to people?  The trainer broke down the complete process of attracting new business in a very straight forward and calm manner.

Keep at it.  Do you speak with authority?  One presentation talked about importance of this fact.  How are you going to become a better speaker and communicator?  You are going to need to start talking to more people.  That was the really important fact that showed in a number of different presentations that I watched over the last few days.  You just have to start putting yourself out there. There are going to be some bumps in the road, but you are not concentrating on that.  You have to be focused on improving.

Do you have images in your head of your failures?  You have to stop thinking in those terms.  You have to get over those temporary setbacks.  That is all that they really are.  Get over the rejection.  I was listening to another podcast and the same kind of thinking was at play.  Do you shy away from sales, because of the rejection associated with it?  It might have been something that happened in the past that you are holding on to.  It might be time to start letting those setbacks go and start moving forward.  It is easy to say it, but you have to make a mental shift.

Do you remember all the tough times?  Do you remember all the hard days in school?  Over time doesn’t some of that bad stuff just fade away when you have completed your goals?  Did you count how many times you fell when you were trying to learn to ride a bike?  Probably not.  All that mattered was that your friends were riding and you wanted to learn to ride too.  You made up your mind to do it and you didn’t stop until you could do it.  It is really all about the process and moving forward to your goals.

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