Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business, is it the right thing to do? People study business in school but many people are exposed to business concepts at an early age. Did you decide to run your own lemonade stand to get some extra money growing up? What about washing cars or doing extra chores around the house to get the extra money that you needed to get the toys that you wanted? That might have been your first experience in business. Can any of us remember selling chocolate candy bars for the school to raise money for field trips or special events? This all helped lay the foundation for getting into business.

Why did we lose the ability to make money through our own efforts. Instead of creating businesses, as we got older we fell into the ideas of just getting a job. We were told that jobs provided security and jobs provided an opportunity for advancement. There are lots of people that have tried to hang on to their jobs but the bad economy caused them to be laid off or fired.

Starting your own business means taking a proactive approach to earning money. Running a business means that you have to change your position and outlook on money. Business owners have to wear more hats. Business owners have to be the ones writing the checks and not the person that is waiting on friday to get a check. Running a business requires a different mindset.

Are you the type of person that is going to sit around and wait for things to happen? Business owners don’t have that luxury. Business can happen fast and the competition is tough on all sides. Businesses have to react fast to constantly changing environments. Products and services can gain favor or lose favor quickly and business owners have to be able to adapt. Does that sound scary to you? Business owners have to fight through the fear and get things done in spite of fear.

Businesses are started all the time. Some make it and some fail. Business owners have to have the ability to take calculated risks. There are two outcomes that can happen in running a business. You might start a business and it just fails miserably. The flip side is that you create a business that becomes a success. What would you do if your business took off and you just started making money hand over fist? Business owners have a major advantage over employees. A business owner has the potential for unlimited income. Are you ready to take a chance in business?

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