Starting Online – Getting a web address for your home business

One of the first steps in getting your home business online is purchasing a domain name. Domain names are not expensive but you need to think about it before you buy. If your business name is the same as your real name then you might be in luck. If you have a name that is really common, you might need to think about alternative domain names.

When you are picking a domain name you should think about the length of the name. Shorter is probably better, but you also need to get a name that is easy to remember. Some people try to get creative when it comes to picking a domain name. You don’t want to go too far with this because people trying to get to your site could end up someplace else on the web.

You can purchase domain names from domain name registration companies and also from a few blogging sources online. Expect to pay around 10 dollars per year for registration costs, but you might be able to save by checking online for domain registration coupons. Get coupon codes and add them to your order during the checkout process. There also might be discounts for purchasing domain names in bulk. This could be a good idea if you are setting up more than one site.

Some web hosting companies might also offer discounts on domain names if you choose to purchase web hosting. You can use domains in a number of different ways. You can point them to a web hosting account. This is one of the most common uses. You can also use domain names to point to other websites.

Choose how long you want to register the domain. You might not know if you really like a domain when you first purchase it. But if you are buying your name as a domain name you might want to register it for multiple years and take it off the table. One reason to keep a domain register years into the future is that you don’t have to worry about losing it. You could also check to see if the domain registration company has an auto-renew feature.

Domain names are the first step in getting online. Even if you are using a free blogging system a domain name gives your site a little more credibility. People respect the dot com domain extension. There are other domain extensions but dot com is the one that people expect. If you choose an extension other than dot com then the dot com owner might end up getting some of your traffic.

Expired domains are another group of domains to take a look at. Every day there are web addresses that previous owners have decided to let expire. There might be some real gems available. Web addresses can be an important part of your online business. - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting

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