Squidoo – Are you using Squidoo for your home business

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Squidoo is an online website where you can post information online. It really has a social component to it too. You create articles called lenses that are made up of different modules. There are text modules and amazon modules and all kinds of special modules that give your lens more appeal.

Get Higher – Squidoo Levels and Points

There are different levels in squidoo too. The more you use the site and interact, the higher your membership level. So you can get points for things like signing the guestbook on other lenses that you come across or for viewing a number of lenses in a row. There are also squidoo quests. They ask you to perform a certain task on the squidoo site and when you complete it, you might earn some extra points. This can be as simple as reading a lens on how to make better lenses.

Create Squidoo Lenses for Your Home Business

Publishing your own squidoo lenses can also result in you earning some income. You can provide links to products on amazon through your own amazon associates account or through using the squidoo amazon links. They have a lot of different modules that can help you earn income.

There are still a lot of people that don’t have websites and squidoo can be a way to get online and start earning. Squidoo use to just allow you to publish a lens and that was it. You didn’t have to worry about keeping it updated. When it was live, it was live for good. Now they have a newer system for what gets shown on the squidoo site.

Squidoo lenses have different themes that are available to you. This way all of your lenses won’t look the same. As you get higher levels in squidoo, they release more lens themes for you. They have some really good looking lens themes.

Squidoo Lens Traffic and Rankings

So if your lens is not getting traffic and it falls under ranking number, it might get the dreaded red minus sign. It seems just like a red stop light for your lens. You have to keep updating your lens and keep promoting it to keep it in front of web users. I don’t really like having to do this, but if you want to use the squidoo system, this is now a part of the game.

Squidoo Profile Information

You can also include links to your blogs, websites and social media applications inside of squidoo. This can be a good way for people to connect with you off the site. So if you have social media accounts at twitter, facebook, myspace or google plus, you can add them under the settings tab.

Squidoo is just one more way that you can add content to the web without having to open your wallet. So if you don’t want to create a full fledged blog or design a website yourself, you can just start creating squidoo lenses and get online fast.

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