Smartphones and Bluetooth Headsets

When you upgrade from a old cell phone to a smartphone, you notice a few differences. For one, the touch screen is a big adjustment from just hitting the regular number buttons on the phone. Sliding and lightly tapping the touchscreen can take some time to learn.

Another function that really pops out is when you are trying to make a call. The phone will immediately lock the screen. You may have to do some gesture to unlock the phone. This could be hitting the power button or touching another area on the phone. It can seem quirky to a new smartphone user. After a while you adjust to it and you learn the reason why it has to happen. With a regular cell phone, you can hold the phone up to your ear without any consequences. With a touchscreen on a smartphone, it could cause apps on the home screen to launch. That is the reason for locking the screen.

So this is the perfect place to tell you that you should get bluetooth for your smartphone. This might help you with making your calls. Setting up a bluetooth with a smartphone is really simple. Just put your bluetooth headset into pairing mode and tell your smartphone to find the device. The process of connecting the bluetooth was much easier with the smartphone compared to the old regular cell phone.

Making the jump from a regular cell phone to a smart phone is a big one. They are more expensive but you get so much more out of them. If you are trying to save money and still get a smartphone then you should look at using the prepaid cell phone companies. They have android phones that are cost effective. They get you in the smartphone game and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started. Plus the prepaid plans can come with a much lower monthly payment than some of the larger cell phone carriers.

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