Smart phone upgrade time: Time to switch from regular cell phone to a smart phone?

Are you ready to upgrade your cell phone to a smart phone? Simple cell phones are good for making phone calls and those pre paid cell phone carriers can be a good value. New smart phones give you many more features than just making phone calls.

If you run any kind of business then you should look at getting a smart phone. You need to stay in contact with clients and check your email when you are out of the office. Smart phones have many different applications that you can run on the phone. Mobile web applications give you access to do more things while you are on the go.

Getting a smart phone could allow you to get more entertainment without carrying around a laptop computer. If you are into playing video games or watching movies then you should think about upgrading. One big difference between regular cell phones and smart phones can be price. Smart phones are just like small computers and you should expect to pay more for them.

One key factor to think about when choosing a smart phone is deciding on the brand and operating system. There are two big camps when it comes to smart phones. The apple iphone and the google android phone. You have to decide which camp you want to join. Is android more open than apple? Are you an apple fan? You also have to think about the data plans and carriers that you are going to use with the smart phone.

Smart phones can use a lot of data and you want to get a service data plan that will fulfill your usage needs. You can now find some google android phones on some of the pre paid cell phone networks. This might the value that you need to upgrade from an old cell phone to a smart phone and be guarded from going over your minutes and paying a lot of money.

When you are looking at a smart phone make sure to pay attention to the reviews. Smart phones usually come with bluetooth capability, picture and video cameras. You can do a lot with these smart devices. Other factors to consider are the size of the screen and the ease of use of the phone. One more factor is battery life. You don’t want a phone with short battery life.

Smart phones are changing the way people connect with businesses. A smart phone can help you when shopping or when you need directions. New uses for smart phones are coming up all the time. It might be time to give your old cell phone the boot and upgrade to a new smart phone. Smart phones are lighter and easier to carry around than laptops. Plus now smart phones are equipped with touch screens so you don’t have to fight with those tiny buttons when trying to type out messages or dial phone numbers.

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