Small Business Ideas

Start writing about topics that are of importance.  Talk like you are talking to your ideal client.  What are the issues that are facing small business / home business owners.  Really its financing and finding customers.  Retail outlets were shutting down.  No credit available for small business.  What are small business owners doing to survive.

The real estate credit crunch had an effect on the small business owners ability to finance their businesses with home equity loans.  On the bright side there is more government spending.  Companies are looking for ways to get government grants and contracts.  How are small business owners doing this.

Big Business decided to go down market.  Businesses started to create lower price points for customers.  Reduce the size and cost to keep the cash register ringing.  Provide more value to cost aware customers.  Find new revenue streams for the small business owner.  New lower cost advertising, trying everything internet related to spreading the word about your business.

Another bright side of the recession.  There is plenty of office space available and plenty of talented people that are looking for work.  Overqualified to do the job.  Will a rise in the number of small business come as a result of the downturn.  Large companies are shedding jobs, and people still have to eat.

Many skilled workers are still without permanent employment.  Some will start consulting companies and other small businesses that allow them to use the talent that has been attained through years in the corporate work force.  Some will leave the job market and retire.  Others might pursue new careers and even consider volunteering.

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