Small Business Books – The Small Business Millionaire

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There are so many books on your small business bookshelf. Sometimes, you should dust them off and take another look at them. One book that talks about business using a different method is the small business millionaire. Instead of talking about business with dry first person accounts this book takes it to another level by using a novel formula.

The book uses a story to explain how to deal with business problems and all the different things that a business owner can encounter. The chapters are short and you could really see visually the story starting to unfold.

If you want to learn about business and learn though the story of a restaurant owner that is struggling to turn a business around, then you should check out the small business millionaire.

It talks about some of the struggles that a regular business owner will encounter. Do you think about running ads in the paper to generate sales? Are you trying to find new ways to get customers? The book has a successful young business owner that acts as a sort of consultant that helps the restaurant owner see some of the ways that they can improve the business.

Offline marketing is discussed. Coming up with good headlines and giving your customers a reason to do business with you and not just trying to gain brand recognition. Do you have a reason that people want to do business with you right now?

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