Simple Home Business Ideas

Writing Content for Blogs

It is hard to deny that blogs need content. Somebody has to come up with the articles that are posted online. Are you going to be one of the great blog writers that turn ideas into online income?

Writing Content for Mailing Lists

Most people just think about the front end of a blog, but there is a backend to online blogging and web
development. What about all those mailing lists and newsletters? They need content too.

Writing Content for Ebooks

Writing is still writing, but don’t forget to think about the different forms that content can be delivered in. What about all the people that have smartphones and tablets? Make sure that you have something to sell in those top online marketplaces that sell digital content. You don’t have to be tied to an office to write content. You could be sitting at your local favorite coffee shop knocking out powerful content for different ebook projects.

Making Online Videos

Working from home is not just limited to writing. Try your hand at making some good looking vidoes. There are software programs that you can use to get the job done. Think about all the people that would like to watch a great video to learn something or just enjoy online entertainment.

Affiliate Marketing

You don’t even need to have a product to sell. You can work from your home office and promote products that are already in existence. Can you bring the crowd that is looking to buy? Do you know the right
products to promote? Affiliate marketing is just bringing the right parties together to create new
transactions. You are like the online version of a matchmaker.

Making Images

Use software to make images. Add some extra flavor to your sites or sell them online. People like to
see images and pictures. Take your content to the next level by adding images that help set the tone or mood of your information.

Taking Pictures

Pictures can be taken with your smartphone or with top cameras. Get a big storage card and start snapping photos. Find the sites online that pay for photos and see how much you can make. You could also upload some of your images to sites that make real products. What about making t-shirts, coffee mugs or other products with your images?

Making Information Products

New items are constantly getting developed and people will need new information products that fill in the gap. Think about all the new social media sites that get launched. People will need to get guides that help them learn. Can you get into the information product mix and develop high quality info products that help people advance?


You know how to get things done. Do you have the ability to create a consulting service that helps businesses and individuals with certain problems. You might have the perfect solution that can be
offered through a consulting business.

Web Development

Do you have the tech skills and design skills to make outstanding websites? Web tastes can change like the weather. Clients are always looking for ways to make their sites better and more appealing. Can you be the web developer of choice online? Your web development skills might be used to help outside businesses, but they could also be used to launch your own sites run for your portfolio.


Share information in a simple format with blogging. Update your site with new fresh content and interact with your blog readers. A blog can be updated from just about anyplace and you can turn it
into a real business. Plan your blog and design for future expansion.

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