Simple and Plain Websites


Making plain and basic websites with blogs is a strategy.  What do you really want a website to do?  Keep the information flowing and don’t focus on all the design.  Some people really just care about getting the information that they are looking for.  They might not care one bit about the color scheme that you are using.

How can you create simple sites fast?  What about just using basic html?  There are not a lot of different html codes that you need to learn to create a basic site.  One point that might be a consideration is the number of mobile devices that people are using to connect to the web.

A simple website that doesn’t have all the code like a blog might work in your favor. Do you have a blog already?  Do you sometimes log into your blog system and see a bunch of spam comments?  One way to avoid dealing with spam is to take the commenting away.  It is time consuming trying to move a lot of junk comments to the spam folder.  A simple site that doesn’t have a comment section on each blog post might save you some time.

The other great reason to use a simple site is that it is simple.  You don’t have to spend a lot of time learning a new platform.  You might be able to use a quick template and copy and paste to create your new web pages.

Will your simple website get traffic?  You can take it off the table by paying for your traffic.  Buy traffic from online sources like 7search.  The traffic quality might not be that great, but you get your site in front of an online audience.  Use free social media and video to divert a little bit of traffic to your sites.

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