SEO Traffic and Conversions – Using Social Media and Images for Web Traffic

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Don’t you want to generate web traffic fast? Getting traffic is not the only thing that you need to be concerned with. Traffic by itself means nothing. The true test is to turn that traffic into real conversions. You can have all the traffic in the world, but if the traffic doesn’t convert, it is worthless!

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What are the popular websites online right now? Pinterest! Why is pinterest popular? People are sharing information on the products and services that they like online. It is social and it is visual. People love showing interesting photos that they come across on the web. Is there a way to help generate traffic using sites like pinterest, flickr and other sites on the web?

Images are a big part of the web and you should take a look at how you can leverage images with search engine optimization. Content is still king online but one place that we might be overlooking are the images.

Have you signed up for pinterest yet? They use to require an invitation to join, but now it is open to anyone that want to join the site. There are lots of blogs on the web that might be really heavy with content but they might be missing the images that make a difference online. Joining pinterest can possibly bring more people to your sites through the images that you have.

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Is pinterest going to be the holy grail for seo traffic and conversions? We will never know. The thing to remember is that you want to have more than one way of generating targeted traffic to your sites. People are searching for more than just text online. Images also provide another opportunity to bring people to your sites.

Social traffic is one more way to help find the targeted market that you are searching for online.
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