SEO – Search Engine Optimization

There are two ways that you can create information for your blogs and sites. You can create your content and not focus on what the search engines think or you can take the time to find out what people are using to find information. You want to get as much web traffic as you can get so it might make sense to take the tips from the search engines to heart.

SEO for your site – Optimize Your Site for readers and the search engines

When you have a blog, you can write how and when you want. Some bloggers decide to not even focus on seo and instead just create the content that they think their readers will be interested in. Creating high quality content that your readers decide to share the blog posts with others is a real strategy. The web is still a viral marketplace.

Search Engine Optimization – People Trust the Search Engines

There are many people that trust the search engines though. Do you think you could get more traffic if your site popped up at the top of the list for a highly searched term related to your site? Think about what you do when you are looking for something online.

SEO Search Terms – Find the Keywords for your site

You type in the search terms that might be generic or they might be really specific. When you get the search results what do you do? Do you stop after you open the first website? You probably click on the first site that you see in the list. If the site doesn’t contain what you are looking for you move on and you keep going through links until you find what you are looking for. The search engines are making a note of the trends for web searches.

SEO Keywords –

Find the keywords that people are using to find your type of information and make sure to include them on your sites. The first place that you should go is the google free keyword tool. You can type in search terms and see how many times people are searching for them. They have broad and exact match searches that can help give you some ideas for more keywords to choose from.

When you find your keywords, download them in excel format. Use the seo keywords in your blog post titles and include them in your articles. You don’t want to go overboard with adding keywords to your site. Instead of using the same terms over and over again, mix it up a little.

What are you going to find when you use the google free keyword tool? Something that will jump out at you is the fact that closely related words will have dramatically different search counts. One letter attached or removed from a word can have a real impact. It makes you think hard about how you create your headlines and articles. Another issue that becomes clear is the way keywords are put together. Based home business might get more searches than at home businesses.

When you are looking at search counts you are really only seeing one part of the equation. There is another component that comes into play. News flash. There are a lot of other people online that are trying to do the same thing that you are doing. They want free traffic too, so there is going to be competition to get those top spots in the search engine result pages. So even if you optimize your site and do all the ground work, you still might not get a lot of web traffic. I know it sucks.

The only thing that you can do is continue to create good information and hope that you start getting more love from the search engines. If you are using wordpress, there are plugins that can help you with your seo tasks.

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