Selling Online with Blogs

Posting ads on the front page of a blog is not the only way to sell online.  Blogs are fun and easy to use.  You can add the information on the top of your blog to help get traffic, but some marketers don’t want to do a lot of selling on the front end of the site.

The blog might use the posting online to get people to see the information and hope that the site gets readers to want to join the mailing list.  A simple mailing list sign up box might be added to the sidebar.  Free information might lead your online readers to want even more information.

Have you ever went to a fast food place because of a coupon or a free item?  You take the first step to get the free or cheap item, but they always ask you if you want more.  You might only go there for a cheap burger, but once you get inside, you see other items on the menu.  It might make more sense to get french fries and a drink to make it a meal, right?  The same kind of actions apply on the blog.  You are offering content to get them on the page and the readers will not be able to ignore that mailing list sign up box to the right.  Your information is of the highest quality and the readers can recognize it.  If the free information is good, the information inside of the newsletter should be just as good or even better.

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