Search Engine Optimization for Your Website

What is SEO?

Are you ready to help the search engines find your information?  SEO stands for search engine optimization.  It is a technique for organizing the information on your website to help the search engines know what your pages are about.  You can think of seo as the roads, freeways, streets and house numbers that lead people to destinations.  People are looking for information and the internet is really large, so it would help if the information was categorized properly.  Web site owners and bloggers are making new content all the time.  The search engines need to have  a way to help people find what they are looking for.  This is where seo comes in.

Think about your own home office for a minute.  What if you had a large stack of papers?  I mean a really high stack of papers that contained all kinds of information about your business.  You could have bills from all of your vendors and clients. You could have  reports that you have written and advertisements from other companies in there.  How hard would it be to find a specific piece of information in that pile?  That is basically what the search engines have to do at any given moment when a visitor decides to hit the search button.  Isn’t it better to have your information categorized in a better manner?  Instead of having all of your papers stacked from the floor to the ceiling, would a file cabinet with file folders work a little bit better?  Search engine optimization is basically organizing your site like a file cabinet for the search engines.

Write Content For Your Site

Content is what this is all about.  People are searching online and they want the search results to give them websites that match what they are looking for.  Finding the best search results is the top priority for the search engines.  Learn the basics of search engine optimization by visiting the top search engine websites.  See what they have to say about how to prepare your pages.

When you are writing content for your sites, this information should be at the top of your mind.  Find the top keywords for your topic and create titles that people are searching for.  You can quickly find top keywords by using the free google keyword tool.  Do searches related to your topic and see what people are looking for at the search engines.  Think about how you can use these keywords in your article titles.

Focus on Keywords or Just Write What You Want?

You don’t want to overload your content with keywords.  Remember to write your content for your readers.  Just make sure to include the keywords that they search with without going overboard.  You can use the google free keyword tool to find good seo keywords or you can use other software programs to help you.  If you are using wordpress, they have different software plugins that can help with on page seo.

Writing for Your Readers

Provide high quality information for your readers.  Getting search engine traffic is at the top of the list when people create online content but there are other methods for getting web traffic.  Don’t forget to write with your readers in mind.  Someone could come across your article and decide to share it on twitter or provide a link on their blogs and websites.

Tagging Your Information for Search Engines

SEO entails more than just creating keyword optimized headlines for articles.  Tag your information with the right keywords.  This includes organizing your site with categories and naming your pictures with proper keywords.  Describing your site content helps the search engines determine if your site is a good fit for web searches.

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