Real Estate Home Office

You can go and get office space if you want to but you really don’t need an office for a real estate business.  It all really depends on what you are trying to do.  Some real estate people are not trying to be keller williams.  If you want to have a real estate business on your own terms you can run your business from your home office.

What is really important in your real estate business? Its getting leads and closing deals.  Its not sitting in the office waiting on somebody coming through your doors.  Real Estate has become more mobile and more technical.  Mobile smartphones, laptops, and internet applications really take a lot of the things are were done in the office and bring them to the digital space.  You still have to meet with clients but that doesn’t have to happen at your office.  If you are a listing agent you will meet with your clients at the property.  If you are a buyers agent you can basically converse on the phone or come up with a designated meeting place to discuss properties.

The real estate business is being changed by technology.  In addition to advances with portable hardware there are always new internet based services and applications that are having an impact on the business.  First time homebuyers can now turn to the internet first to find the types of properties that they want.  Buyers can also search for information regarding home loans online.  Some buyers will still want to have a face to face connection with their agent.

Real estate agents can use multiple listing service to create automated searches that can notify their clients of new properties that are coming to market.  Web applications can estimate property values online for people searching by address.

When showing clients property gps systems allow agents to map out the locations and determine the best routes for view property eliminating the wasted time of getting lost trying to find a house.  The real estate business is being impacted by technology.  Having a big physical office outside of your home can mean more business expense with the addition of new phone lines, rent, utilities, etc.  A home office can be a way to operate in the changing real estate landscape.

Turn the World Into Your Office

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