Reading List – Flip and Grow Rich

Always keep an eye open for new income sources. Real estate markets go up and down and you might want to learn the different ways to earn money with real estate. I picked up this book for a really good price and now I am taking my time reading it. Real estate and home business go together.

Books make really good gifts. People are started to head for more of the digital books and ebooks but there is still room for a good hard or soft cover book. Real estate is not going out of style and this book talks about a quick method for earning income through flipping. – Dead Simple Accounting Online. Free Trial!

What is flipping? Flipping real estate is an investment form of real estate. Some real estate investors like to buy property and hold it for a long time and get income through renting it out. Other real estate investors that want to make faster money are called flippers. Real estate flippers try to buy property at a discount, rehab and upgrade a property and attempt to quickly sell the property for a profit.

A real estate business is just another type of business. Picking up books on real estate can help you see how those types of businesses are run. In this book, the author gives details about his daily schedule. If you are running your home business without a schedule, this can be a handy outline. It might directly tie in with what you have to do everyday, but it can be a good roadmap to see what other business owners are up to and how they use their time.

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