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Cheap Marketing Tool = Plain Business Cards

Printing Flyers with your home computer and laser printer

Turning your blog posts to audio

Creating videos from your blog posts

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What marketing offers are you noticing?

Create simple websites.

What is the problem with wordpress?

WordPress is the quick blogging solution.

The one big problem I have with wordpress is the spam.

WordPress blogs seem to get spammed a lot.

The comments section of your wordpress blog can be a target of spammers.

Clearing wordpress spam emails can be time consuming.

For some websites, It makes you want to use plain html.

Turning off commenting is one solution for the blog comment spam problem.

It is all about people trying to get easy links back to their sites.

The spam problem was really like turning lemons into lemonade.

It caused me to think about going back to basic webpages.

It caused me to take a look the new html.

Html 5 is the most recent update of html.

I spent some time learning some of the new syntax.

Blogs are still a good tool for creating quick websites.

It is still important to remember the simple and plain ways to make sites also.

I might even get started on learning how to make mobile websites.

For some reason, I decided to start adding to my contact database.

I had a bunch of business cards.

You get business cards all the time.

You go to a conference or a convention and the business cards get passed out.

So there is a stack of business cards that need to be entered into the contact database.

I noticed that there are still a few people that don’t have a website.

I noticed that some people still use free email for their business interactions.

I guess there are still some chances to make sales when it comes to web hosting and email.


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