Quick Blogs – Are you starting too many blogs without a clear plan?

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Creating blogs can be so simple that sometimes you bite off more than you can chew. The process is easy to start. Free blogs can be setup in minutes and sometimes you just get the urge to create a new blog.

Deep down you know that the new blog is really only a new niche site where you want to include some google adsense ads. After doing a few posts, you realize that you have just too many google blogs to keep up with.

Writing blog posts all the time can get boring and you can run out of ideas. You can always search your hard drive for plr articles and see if you can come up with something that makes sense. Does it always work out…No.

What usually ends up happening is the blog just sits there collecting dust. You joined an affiliate program and thought about a cheap way to get some affiliate sales. Then you find out how tough it is to write about that niche that you really don’t care about.

There are only so many hours that you can devote to creating content. So you start to think of other ways to get content for your quick blog. You are not focused on search engine optimization or doing any keyword research.

The first stop is probably going to be ezinearticles. Type in a search to see what articles are focused on the topic that you chose. You can republish the article on your site and have something new posted. The articles are not going to be top notch, but you have something new and shiny to look at.

Slapping those articles on those quick sites still don’t provide you with what you are looking for. You open up google adsense and still see that the quick blogs are not generating traffic and with no traffic, no adsense clicks.

Sometimes you can get tempted to start new blogs by going the quick route. It might be better to really think about it before creating a new blog. If you are going to make a new one, plan ahead for the content.

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