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Turning your blog posts into more traffic is possible.  Your blog posts might not be getting the action that you are currently looking for.  How do you leverage all the writing that you are doing for your blog?  Take your content to new areas in new ways.

You probably already have access to the software that you need to leverage your blog posts.  The idea is to turn your posts into presentations.  Everybody knows about powerpoint.  It is the simple software that has been around for a long time.  You have information really locked up in your blog posts that are not getting attention.  It is time to unlock the info and put in other places for people to get access to it.

Blog posts can be long winded.  There are be lots of main points and plenty of paragraphs.  Do yourself a favor and break it up.  Think about going to the bookstore and picking up a really thick book.  What runs through your mind when you plop it down on the table?  It is going take a long time to get through the whole thing.  Instead of eating that elephant.  Break out your chain saw and chop that sucker down to fast food value meal sizes.

Strip the main points and add them to your powerpoint presentations.  Just get to the point and keep it moving.  Find document sharing sites and start creating your new presentations.  Don’t forget to add links back to your blogs or other sites where you want the traffic to flow.

Presentation slides can be the breadcrumbs that lead your targeted audience back to your blog.  You are giving them the fast food that gets them to the big dinner.  You might have a slice of pizza for lunch and then decide to head over to Olive Garden for the main course.

So if the search engines are not showing you any love, start talking to other traffic centers that are more cooperative.  You might have plenty of blog posts that would be perfect as a presentation.

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