PPC Account Suspended

Free marketing methods are back at the top of my list. I tried setting up a pay per click account and in just a few days, I got my account suspended. Free marketing methods don’t have all of the rules that pay per click companies require. There is a downside because it is going to be much harder to scale to get traffic.

It didn’t take long for me to get banned. I didn’t pay attention to my emails when they were warning me about the sites that I chose to promote. I was trying to direct link to cost per action offers and I guess that it is now frowned upon. The good thing is that I didn’t risk any of my own money. You get those coupon codes all the time that get you to sign up for pay per click. I used it but never even got any of the ads to get viewed.

So am I a little disappointed in losing the account. No, not really. I will just shift back to my regular free marketing methods instead. Plus there is more than one game in town. There are other pay per click companies that could be used if I wanted to test the waters again.

Overall it is not a big deal. Who really wants to pay for traffic anyway? I want to get traffic for free. So it is back to article marketing and blogging. Writing and blogging is not going to be as fast as putting some money into an account and letting the ads run, but you never know how long an article can send you some traffic.

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