Post Free Classified Ads

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Search for free classified online websites. You have probably heard of craigslist. Find a few others that you can post simple ads for your online business. The cost is free and you might generate some web traffic from your efforts.

Pick the Right Category

Free Classified sites have lots of different categories.  You want to post your ad in the right place.  You want to place your ad in the right location to help get the right type of traffic.  People are looking for information in the category and if your headline and topic are off, you can miss the mark.  Check some of the other ads that are in the category to see if you are posting in the right place.

Free Classified Headlines

Your headline is going to be really important.  The problem with free classified ads is that they are free and you have a lot of competition. What is going to cause your prospects to click on your ad versus all the other ads.  You have to create a headline that gets them to stop and click.  Test different headlines to see which ones work the best.

Create A Simple but Powerful Call to Action

Don’t forget to include a call to action.  You could have a great ad, but if you don’t ask for the business or ask your prospects to click the link, they might just hit the back button.  You have to make the offer.  The whole reason for placing a free classified ad is to get the ad viewer to do something.  Don’t drop the ball at the last minute.  Build a strong call to action.  What are the steps that you want them to take?  Give them the instructions and lead them to your desired destination.

Add a picture to your Free Classified Ad

What about adding a picture to your free classified ad?  Create some simple graphics.  You don’t have to be a photoshop expert to create good looking graphics for your business.  There is software available to create powerful graphics for a super low price.  Do you have some pictures that are related to your ad offer?  Take snapshots or screen shots to add an extra element for your online free classified ads.


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