PLR and Niche Websites

What is going to be your formula for using private label rights content?  If you don’t know about plr, you want to start getting into the know.  There is a lot of content online that people are just giving away for free.  You might have to pay for some forms of it, but you can get some plr for really cheap or less.

Why would someone give away content for free?  They might be ready to build up a list and turn you into a long time customer.  If the free plr is good, you might be ready to start opening your wallet for the stuff that they are asking you to pay for.

How can you use the plr content?  There are lots of people that are clueless when it comes to technology and setting up websites.  They might not know their ftp from their html or php.  The big secret is that they don’t need to know how to do everything to get a good result online when it comes to web development.  Enter plr content and the right marketing mind.

Get dirt cheap domain names

You can find domain names for dirt cheap online.  Do some searching for your favorites and when you get the right discount code jump all over them.  Start adding those domain names that you can use for your niche websites to your online portfolio.

Use your unlimited web hosting

Check your web hosting plan to see if you can host multiple domains.  If you can, you are in luck.  You can setup those niche sites like superman.  There is a simple way to make websites without having to know all the details.  If installing software on a web hosting account is out of your pay grade, you can always put on your business hat and get someone to do it for you.

Create wordpress websites

WordPress is fast and simple to use.  Once you get it installed, there is not much else to learn.  You can change the way that a wordpress site looks by clicking a few buttons.  Wordpress themes can be purchased or downloaded for free.  Wordpress also has a lot of extra software programs available called plugins that can make your web development experience easier.

Rewrite Your PLR

Content is like water to the human body.  You need it for your online sites.  Blogs need content.  Websites need content.  Mailing lists need content.  You can get content for very low prices or even free when you know where to look online.

PLR content is widely available, but the key to remember is that everybody that gets it can use it.  You don’t want to be lazy and just try to use plr fresh from the box.  This is not the best way to leverage your content.

Take the time and rewrite the content to fit your needs.  Come up with content that makes sense to your audience.  Pay attention to the plr rules and run with it.  Add your own special keywords and remix it.

Insert Your Ads

Getting the content loaded into the is easy part.  What about placing ads on your new site?  There are plenty of options.  Google Adsense, chitika, affiliate offers and cpa offers are all potential income streams.  You might not even want to present your niche site readers with ads.  You could save the ads for your mailing list.  Use your niche site as a lead generator and only post ads in your newsletter.

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