Shopping for a phone?   You have too many choices now.  You can go with a cheap flip phone or you can step up to the newer smartphone mobile devices.  Using your phone just to make phone calls is a thing of the past.  Are you constantly on the go?  Do you need to stay connected to the web while you are around town?  Then you should look into getting a smartphone.

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Phones that can do more than just call mom.  You might want to use the internet or check your email on the go.  Plus smartphones make it easy to use some of your favorite online apps.  Smartphones have many features that a regular cell phone can’t do or they just don’t do as well.  One thing to remember about getting a smartphone is the added data plan.  When you are using a regular old cell phone you might not have to pay extra for data services.

Smartphones can use a lot of data.  Watching movies with  your smartphone and checking email and running apps can use a lot of data and phone companies will make you pay for it.  Make sure that you pay attention to how much data that you are using.  Unlimited data plans were available until recently.  Now the big cell phone carriers are starting to put limits on data plans.  Go over those limits and you will have to pay extra.

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