PDFs for traffic

Where do you place the content online?  Blogs and article directories are only two choices, but there are more.  Create pdf articles and post them online.  People like to share documents, so get your content in there.

PDF Documents

Making a pdf document is simple.  There are free programs that you can use to convert a document into a pdf.  Pdf files can be saved and stored easily online.  People are use to getting pdf documents in emails.  You have heard of adobe acrobat.

Benefits of PDFs

One of the benefits of creating pdfs is the ability to add links.  Some programs might have problems with adding links so you need to be careful.  You have choices when it comes to placing your links in your document.  You could add links throughout your document or you could add them in a resources section at the end.  It is totally up to you.

You might have lots of plr articles that you don’t know what to do with.  What is plr?  There are lots of writers that are creating content that you can use.   The writing content is called private label rights content.  You might pick it up for free or you may have to pay for it.  PLR is all about using leverage.  You might get some for joining mailing lists or newsletters.  People sometimes have a hard time coming up with a good use for plr.  Think about how you can create documents and presentations using them.

  • Come up with new headlines and titles.
  • Change the content in your own special way.
  • Think about getting someone else to rewrite the content.
  • Use it to learn more about the topic
  • write your own ebook

Use the plr content for your pdfs and link back to your main sites.  Get even more ideas about how to use plr.

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