Passive Income Tips – Google Adsense Ads on Your Blog

Earning income without having to do anything extra is the goal of passive income. Working one time on a project and making money on it in the future seems like a great idea but how do you pull it off?

Internet marketing gives you the opportunity to keep earning income from work that you do. Some topics don’t go out of style online and this is where the opportunity presents itself. People are going to be searching for information and when they land on your webpages and blogs you want to be able to capitalize without being there.

So what is the big secret? The secret is using an ad program. Google Adsense is one ad program that can make sense for your long term passive income. Evergreen articles are the key. Evergreen topics don’t go out of style. They get traffic no matter what time of year. The thing to remember is that there are always going to be new people that are going to be learning new information. They are not opening up a yellow pages phone book. They are probably not even going to turn on their computer to get the info. Now more people are connecting to the web with their smartphone and mobile web devices.

Your content needs to be just what they are searching for. The pages that you design should have contextual ads on them that get attention and receive clicks. That is the whole name of the game for passive income. Your content has be relevant today and into the future. So you have to think about the long term with your content and make sure that it is going to be viable.

Instead of just setting up one site for your long term income, it might take multiple sites to make a real impact. Do you think the topic of making money online will be popular in the next few years? What about finding loving relationships? These are the kinds of evergreen topics that can stand the test of time. Are you building your websites for long term passive income or are you focusing on the latest fad that will burn out in a few weeks?

Google Adsense is just one of the top players in the contextual ad business. There are some other smaller players that could also give you passive income. Google Adsense ads are usually placed in specific areas of the page like the header or the sidebar. There are other contextual ad programs that actually get into your content to provide clickable links. The benefit of using these text link ad programs is that they don’t get in the way of the reader of your site. Some readers might be ready to ignore ad blocks that they are prepared to see. A reader might not be looking for an ad in the content of the article. Some contextual ad programs can scan your information and create hyperlinks on important keywords.

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