Passive Income Tips – Getting money online the lazy way

Quality traffic. Elephant Traffic.

Do you really want to make money the lazy way?  Don’t think of it as being lazy.  You can really think of it as being more strategic or smart.  You are trying to squeeze as much return as you can with the optimal amount of effort.

If there is a better way of doing something, why not do it that way?  You don’t want to waste your time and spend extra effort when there is no real need to do it.

What is important about getting money easily?

It is all about becoming better optimized.  This is something that all businesses are interested in.  Are you taking a look at how you are currently making money?  You have to pay attention to where your money is flowing.  Can you make changes that will put your business in a better position?

Why passive income for your online business?

Your online business might be able to produce income without doing too much extra effort.  What about creating information products and videos?  You might want to investigate affiliate marketing programs and cost per action programs.  You might already have traffic coming to your sites, but you are not currently monetizing the traffic.  Are there some simple tips that you could put into place that result in more income coming into your business?

Changing your business thinking

Are you just providing business services that require you being there?  What about creating products?  What about setting up affiliate programs and getting other affiliates to help make sales for you?  Could setting up niche websites and collecting new leads be considered passive income strategies?  Setting up websites one time and then getting leads could be an option.

How can you help more people?

Is your business going to put your prospects and customers in a better position?  You have lots of skills and it only makes sense to use them in the best way possible.  Optimize your process to help get more people the information and services that they need.  Have you ever been at a store and the number of cashiers was low and lines started to form?  Did it start to cause your own frustration?  Did you want to just place your items down and head over to the exits?  Don’t think about improving your business in terms of being lazy.  You have to focus on thinking about providing your prospects and customers with a better experience that does not get in the way.  Think about making it easier on them.


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