Online Web Design

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The time is now when it comes to getting online. Online web design is going to be a subject that a business owner cannot avoid. What are business owners thinking? The idea of avoiding building a website is just plain nuts. You have to get online. Your customers are already there and every day that you are not online, you are giving away business to your top competition. Can you hear it? That is the sound of your prospects tapping away on their tablet computers and laptops. They are typing in searches on google and other search engines. Are they looking for your business? What happens when they type in your business name and they don’t find anything? Then the dreaded truth appears. Some of your competitors names pop right up. They have a web address and a phone number that they can call. Poof! That is money disappearing from your bank account. Can you see the look on your competitors face. They have a big wide grin that is going from ear to ear. Cha Ching!

Logo Design

Getting your business website created starts by getting good web hosting and good web design. A logo design is also going to be a part of your new web design project. Logo design can be accomplished through online services. Give the colors and the ideas that you have to online web designers. They can produce multiple logo options for your approval.

Good Looking Images

Your website will need good quality images to include on your site. Are you the do it yourself type? You could break out your trusty digital camera and smartphone and start taking pictures. There is nothing wrong with using some of your own photos to make your website more personal. You still might want to use high quality images for your site. Sometimes it helps to use the professional images to give the right look and feel for your web design.

High Quality Content

The way your website looks makes a difference. Online web design is just the start. One part of your web project that you cannot miss is the focus on content. You are going to need high quality information on your web pages. You want your content to do the hard work of getting people to land on your pages. This means getting content that is seo optimized. Search engine optimization is a topic that many small and home business owners might ignore. Don’t add yourself to that group. Learn the basics of search engine optimization so that you can speak to your writers with a level of understanding.

Blog or Static Website

Online web design can be complicated and complex. This is the area where you have to do some research. You don’t want to turn your project over to a designer and then have no clue about how to maintain your site. You don’t want to be held hostage to someone outside of your organization. It might be better to consider the different options for online web design. If you are going to use a content management system like wordpress, you can get a custom wordpress theme designed and you still maintain control over your site. When people hear about wordpress, they might immediately think about blogs. WordPress is also a great way to make regular websites. You can structure your wordpress site to act as a regular website.

Lead Generation

What is the purpose of your online web design project? You want to get more web traffic. You want to generate online sales. You want to create new leads for your business. The truth is that all businesses are in the lead generation business. How can your online web design help you with lead gen? Make sure that your new web design project allows for online forms and email marketing setup. There are email marketing programs that are inexpensive and easy to join. Make sure to get an email signup form that blends well with your new online web design.

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