Online Marketing Tips – Make Your Online Content Sticky like Glue

Writing content that gets the traffic.  There is a lot of content available online.  You can use your site any way that you want.  Try to put your audience at the front of your efforts.  What do they really want to know?  What is going to be important to them.  Don’t just think about what is going on right now.  What about topics that are going to be wanted for a long time.  They call this kind of content evergreen.  It does make sense to call it this.  Evergreen content is like content that does not have an expiration date.  It doesn’t go bad like the carton of milk that is in your fridge.

You want content that is going to be like honey.  It is good and it is really sticky.  You know honey goes good with lots of things.  You know that honey is slow moving, but it is sweet and the perfect treat.  Your content needs to be good enough to keep people informed and entertained.  You have to do it long enough that your site becomes grounded in your readers like cement.  You want to get search engine traffic and you want to be the first site that your audience thinks of in the morning.

Making your content sticky is just another way of saying make your content popular.  Make it stand up.  How can you do this online?  Write your content for your audience.  What do they really want?  Are you going to write the same content that could be found on just about every other site?  The web makes it possible to give a different point of view.  The web provides a place for you to drill down to the niche level.


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