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You have to have been sitting under a rock the last few months if you have not been seeing all these products talking about selling t-shirts online. One of the top places that is getting promoted is teespring.

Teespring allows people to create designs of t-shirts and offer them for sale without spending any upfront money. The t-shirt designer just has to make enough sales of the shirt to get it printed and shipped to the buyers. If they don’t sell enough t-shirts during the campaign period, no shirts are printed and the buyers don’t get charged. It sounds pretty cool right.

This whole t-shirt printing model is based on the concept of crowd sourcing. Traffic is a big part of this type of business. Facebook is known for the large number of users that are using the system. People use social media for all kinds of reasons. They post pictures and share information about all kinds of subjects. Facebook is also a place where people share their interests, hobbies and much more. This is like an advertisers dream. With facebook, an advertiser can focus on the niche markets and demographics of the real people they want to get their messages in front of.

Companies are building brand pages. We all hear about local marketing and facebook is the place to do it. You have heard of the facebook fan pages right. These are pages where a business can post information that is different from a regular personal page. Setting up a fb fan page is pretty simple, but there are some online marketers that are doing a really good job of leveraging this important online tool.

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