Online Marketing – Article Writing, Low Traffic and Pay Per Click Ads

There are lots of different ways to do internet marketing. One free way to do internet marketing is to use article writing. Content is the king on the internet and you will keep hearing it all the time. The only problem with article writing is the time involved. You can spend lots of time with article writing and the traffic does not show up. This is a problem for different kinds of affiliate marketing. If you are using cpa offers, you have to be concerned with the time it takes to generate traffic. Cpa offers might have a short shelf life.

It can really be frustrating to spend lots of time on article creation and still get low web traffic. The big search engines are in control of the web traffic that comes from the search forms. They direct the traffic flow and your sites might not get the traffic that you are looking for.

What can you do if your site is getting low web traffic? You cannot rely on the search engines to get the free traffic for you. You have to keep doing other methods for getting people to your site. A low web traffic site might need the use of other marketing methods like videos.

Another option for driving traffic to sites is ppc traffic. This means that you have to dig into your wallet or transfer some money from your paypal account to start placing ads for traffic. New internet marketers probably don’t want to spend money on traffic. PPC traffic has some advantages. You can spend the money and get some results. One thing to remember with ppc is that you are paying by the click. This does not mean that those clicks are going to automatically turn into sales or leads. You can have lots of people click on your ppc traffic and they still might not by anything or sign up for your list.

The bottom line is that you have to keep trying new methods until you find some success. Writing content is free, but there is no guarantee that the traffic will start to flow immediately. You can pay for traffic, but the paid traffic might still not convert into sales or leads.

Learning the different online marketing methods is the first step on the road. Test different methods and don’t put all of online marketing efforts into one basket. When you find something that works, stick with it.

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