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There are places on the web were you can make a few extra dollars by writing articles. One site is called There are a few initial steps that you have to take to get started with them.

You will need a paypal account in order to get paid. Plus you will have to send in tax forms. You can fax them over and once they get them you can start to look forward to earning money online.

When you first go to the website you have to register as a writer. Textbroker has a rating system for its writers. The rating system ranges from level 5 to level 2. The higher your writing level the more you are paid per article. You are restricted on which articles that you can write by your writing level. A higher level writer can write at any level at or below their level. For example a level 4 writer could write articles at level 2, 3, or 4, but not 5. A higher writing level can provide more writing opportunities.

Your initial rating is done when register for the site. You provide a writing sample and the textbroker editors will determine your level. After the initial rating, you can write five articles. Once you complete those five articles your account will be restricted until they rate them.

How do you get articles to write? When you log into the system there is an area for open orders. Textbroker lists the articles that are available and you have select and take the writing assignment within a given time period. These type of orders are called open orders. It is a first come, first serve assignment process. If you select an article but decide not to write it then it is added back to the open order pool.

When you successfully complete a writing assignment and the vendor accepts your article, your textbroker account will be credited with the payment amount. The vendor has the right to request changes / revisions to your article. Some articles are accepted automatically by the vendor.

Payments are processed every week with textbroker. In order to receive a payment you must have ten dollars in earnings available. You also have to request a payoff, it doesn’t happen automatically.

Using online writing sites can a little extra income. Learn about other ways to generate income with your writing skills.

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