Online Business – Making Videos for Online Web Traffic

Web traffic is what every business owner and blogger wants.  Online business depends on getting people to your page just to have a chance of turning them from a looker into a buyer.  There are many different ways to get web traffic and you will see them over and over again online.

Writing content for blogs and writing content for article directories are common cheap ways to attempt to generate web traffic.  There is another way to get web traffic that doesn’t have to take as long.  Creating videos can be much faster than trying to create your own creative writing.  With video you don’t have to worry about doing a lot of editing or being concerned with minimum word counts.  Videos can be made quickly with the right tools.

More people are using the internet with mobile devices.  Smartphones like the apple iphone and all of the google android phones like the samsung galaxy prevail and the samsung galaxy SIII give people the ability to search the web while they are on the go.  Not to mention the new tablet computers that are video ready like the apple mini ipad.  People can connect to the web with these devices and get all the information that they need.  They might not want to read a long blog post, but they might be ready to head over to youtube and watch a few videos.  Videos are not hard to create.

When it comes to writing articles people talk about creating content in evergreen niches.  This should also apply to the videos that you create.  If you are making videos that are time sensitive, you might miss out on traffic in the future.  Should you stay more general in your video topic or should you drill down with specific keywords aimed at your audience.

Why do businesses want to use online video for marketing?  Creating videos can be an inexpensive way to get your message sent around the globe.  There is the added benefit of the potential for a video to go viral.  Going viral with a video means that your video get shared by the people that see it.  Getting a video to go viral means that it builds its own momentum and gets a wider viewing audience.  Learn more about how to use video for your online marketing efforts here.


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