Online Business Income – Writing for Blogs, Ebooks, and Article Directories

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Online business opportunities are all around. People are turning to the internet to get information on products and services. The web is also used for entertainment. People don’t even have to spend money online to get entertained. They can always go over to a website like youtube and find the latest and greatest viral videos that everybody is looking at.

Creating content is going to be a big part of your online business. There are so many different content sources that you can choose from. You might want to try different options to see which one you are most comfortable with. If you enjoy writing and have no problem generating interesting information, you have an advantage online.

You can use your writing in a number of different ways. You can go for instant income and long term passive income with your writing skills. What are the different kind of writing opportunities online?

Writing for your blog

Everybody has a blog these days. If you don’t have a blog, what are you waiting for? Blogs are just websites that are easy to update. Blog posts are just articles that you publish. Your blog can be simple and light reading or it can be hard hitting like a regular newspaper article. It all depends on what you want to do. Some blogs are just perosnal journals that people update to let friends and family know what they are up to. Other blogs are information sources for people to learn information about new business options online.

Writing for your blog can be a short and long term income option. You can add income streams to your blog by adding google adsense and other contextual ad programs. Install the code and let your writing generate web traffic that turns into cash when visitors click on the ads. Another way to get income from a blog is to use affiliate product promotions. Get graphic banner and text links that are related to your written content.

Blog writing doesn’t have to be hard sell content. Come up with interesting headlines that get people landing on the site. You can write short blog posts or you can go in depth with longer articles. Just remember that people online have a shorter attention span. They have plenty of online options to choose from. Make your content interesting.

Writing for your ebook

Ebooks are popular. Take your writing off of the internet web page or blog. Take your writing in a new direction by writing ebooks. Have you been in an airport recently? The next time that you are sitting, waiting for your flight, take a look around. You will notice a lot of people on computing devices like the apple ipad, amazon kindle or the barnes and noble nook. These are all electronic reading devices. Hardcover books are still popular but there is a new game in town. Ebooks are easy to get and you don’t have to wait for them to arrive in the mail.

Writing ebooks is just like writing for your blog. You can create your documents and save them in pdf format. Tackle your topic and turn it into a quick ebook that can help you drive traffic back to your website or help you build your email list. Ebooks can be as long or as short as you want.

Ebooks are not just for mobile devices. There are a lot of people that download ebooks on their desktop or laptop computers at home too. Use your writing skills to create ebooks that can deliver traffic and income for years to come. How can you get income from ebooks? You could provide links back to your site where you have affiliate offers and contextual ads. Plus you could sell your ebooks for money.

Writing for article directories

Article marketing is a free marketing method that you should consider. You don’t want to give away content for free but it might be to your benefit. Posting your information on your blog first is the right idea. Create a version of your articles for the article directories. Why would you want to give your content away? There are lots of other websites and blogs online that need content. They might have big content needs that they cannot fulfill themselves. They might turn to a large article directory like ezine articles or articlesbase to get good context for their audience. What if they have a following of 10,000 users? What if you could get your article in front of that audience? That is what you are looking for when you do article marketing. Get your content in front of a large audience and generate traffic to your site or blog.

Getting into an article directory is a long term strategy. What if an article that you wrote two years ago is picked up and gives you traffic? Writing for the article directories is getting a little bit harder. They have come up with tougher standards for getting your content in. You have to decide if it is worth your time and effort.

Writing can be your online business. You can write using a pen and pad. You can write using your home computer or you can use an apple ipad. Start the ball rolling for your online income. Get signed up with affiliate marketing opportunities and create your own online properties.

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