Online Business Ideas

Think about setting up niche sites online.  Start going into smaller areas of niche.  Start with a big niche and then start to get more narrow.

How could you do this?  Think about cell phones.  There are lots of different kinds of cell phones.  You have the contract cell phones.  You have the prepaid cell phones.  You have the smartphone cell phones.  Some people are really into their niche of phone.

There are still some people that choose to buy their minutes.  They don’t need to have an unlimited calling plan.  They might have a second cell phone or an emergency cell phone.

Buying cell phone minutes for customers of companies like tracfone means staying up to date with the current promotions.  Tracfone has promotion codes that tracfone users can enter to get even more minutes. Tracfone users are always on the hunt for the tracfone extra minute codes.

Find your online niche and launch a site online.  Think about why readers would want to use your site.  Launch it and provide the content that they want.  Creating online sites is a low cost online business.  You might be able to build it up and turn it into something worthwhile.

Don’t just create a simple site.  What about making your new online site a community site?  What could you add to make the site more interactive and keep people hanging around?  Think membership and think forum.  Forum websites allow people to sign up and start new threads of information.  Forums are really interactive and it could be a great place to setup your ads.  A membership site is another way to get people to sign up and create a profile.  Is your information good enough to charge a membership fee?  Talk about automatic money!

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