Online Blogging Tips

Are you ready to get into the whole online blogging phase? Anyone can set a blog up these days and they are becoming the way to get online. There are lots of different blog services to choose from. Do you know which blog type you are going to start with?

Free blogs are some of the easiest kinds of blogs to start. They don’t require any money and you can be up and running in just a couple of minutes. The only drawback to using some of the free blogs is that they will have the same design that a lot of other bloggers use.

Can your readers tell the difference between your free blog and a blog that is hosted with your own web hosting? That might be the wrong question to ask. Your readers are probably more concerned with the quality of the information that you are providing.

One area where free blogs and blogs that are hosted with your own web hosting account is going to be the subject of advertising. When you sign up with free blogs, you have to pay close attention to the terms of service. A real downside of using a free blog is logging in to find that the blog has been deleted. You never know what causes a blog to get flagged and deleted when it comes to the free ones. Investing a lot of time and energy into creating free blogs and then losing them is a real waste.

Some marketers like to use free blogs to help generate traffic to their other sites. So the free blogs might not contain a lot of affiliate links or attempts to earn money. They might just be the first step in a trail that leads back to a site where the real action happens.

Free blogs might be good for other marketing options too. Don’t think that you are limited to writing a lot of text for your blog. A free blog could be a good place to embed your youtube videos or presentation documents or audio podcasts. Don’t forget about posting images on your free blog too.

There are lots of ways to use blogs. Get even more blogging ideas from these two sources. Blogging Source 1 and Blogging Source 2.

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