Online Ads – How to take advantage of your written content

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There are lots of options for money making options using the web.  Your web writing is just one way to help get people landing on your site.  After they get there, you have plenty of choices.  People want to know how to earn income from web visits.

Some people are not great writers, but that is not a reason to not start a site.  There are lots of content sources that you can use.  Take advantage of private label rights content.  This is ready made content that you can use to publish on your site.  Rewriting plr is a good idea.  Getting money from content could be achieved with google adsense or affiliate marketing.

With google adsense, you can earn money when people click on the google ad links.  It is like that set it and forget it type of attitude.  You can focus just on creating more good content for your site and hope that people are interested in the google ads that show up.

Affiliate marketing is another way to create cash.  You find affiliate programs and start promoting links on your site.  It is still about content, content, content.  With affiliate marketing, you are only earning commissions when people are buying something through your links.  This is a bigger hurdle than people just clicking links like with google adsense.

There is another way to earn income with your writing.  It is called cost per action marketing.  It is almost like a mix between affiliate marketing and contextual ad marketing.  You might earn money for someone doing something simple like entering an email address.  Cost per action has more rules than regular affiliate marketing.

Just think about your audience and try new ad methods for your sites.  Would your audience be open to checking for lost money?

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