Online Ads – Creating information without hard sales

It is all about the information.  Are you creating the types of info that people want?  Once you get that knocked out, you can start thinking about what to do with the readers.  What if you don’t want to create your own products?  A simple solution is to place offers in the view of your traffic.

quick to install

Is your solution quick to install?  People are at different levels when it comes to tech stuff.  Google adsense is basically copy and paste.  Just getting approved for the program and finding the right places to put the codes is enough to get started.

write the content once

Some ad programs take a lot of your time.  They might have ads that expire and need to be removed.   Are you going to want to maintain a lot of information about affiliate programs?  If you don’t want all of that hassle, you might want to look at ad programs like adsense.

the ads are chosen for you

With adsense, you are not picking the ads.  They are chosen for your site.  You come up with the content and don’t have to be worried.  This is great, you can write the content that you want and leave the ads to the adsense system.

you don’t have to do hard sales

Do you want to be in the sales business?  You don’t need to with contextual ads.  People are looking for good info and the ads can vary over time.  You can write quality content and not focus on the ads that get presented.


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