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Marketing your business might require going to regular marketing tactics.  Are you using crude marketing to cut through the clutter.  Online marketing has a term called banner blindness.  People are use to seeing so many ads that sometimes they just automatically tune them out.  Back to the offline world, break your marketing up and come with something different.  Your flyers don’t have to be boring.  Are you going to spend a lot of money on developing your ads? What if you don’t have a lot of money to spend advertising?  Use what you have in your marketing toolkit. Who says that you can’t just use a blank piece of paper and a marker to spread your marketing message?

Test your offline marketing messages with cheap marketing options.  Come up with good headlines.  How do you know which headline is the best?  Don’t stop at just one.  Start testing them in action and track your results.

Get your magic marker and think about your ideal prospects.  What are they ready to respond to right now?  Come up with ads and get some data.   Get on the brainstorming hunt for all the different headlines that you need.  Get a yellow writing pad and find your favorite writing pencil or pen. Then just start free writing about your audience.  Let the words just flow that come to mind when you think about this group.  Don’t stop.  Keep the words flowing.

Organize the words that you come up with later.  This can be your starting ground.  Your alphabet soup of words is just the beginning that you need to get started.  What do you want your prospects to do?  Are you trying to get them to pick up the phone and call a phone number?  Are you trying to get them to get on their computer and type in a web address?  Think about all the steps that they need to take to get your offer.  Try to make the steps simple to follow so they don’t miss anything and get to the destination.  Make sure to include the call to action

Start taking the first steps for getting your offline web traffic with low cost marketing methods.


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