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Marketing in the real world to get web traffic is nothing new.  Now it is being called offline marketing.   The option for marketing offline and driving traffic online is at hand.  Now you have the mobile device mania taking over.  Everyone has a cell phone and they all seem to have access to the web.  This means that your offline marketing can be directed online with quick results.

What could be considered offline marketing?  You could create flyers and include your web address and place them in high traffic locations.  When people see your flyer, they don’t have to wait to get home before getting more information about your offer.  They can pull up the web address on their smartphone or tablet computer.  Just make sure that your offer landing page is ready to handle a mobile internet user.

Take a look at creating mobile websites or blogs that are easily viewed with mobile computing devices.  Another option is to include quick response codes on your marketing materials.  Smartphones can scan a qr code and be directed to your mobile site.  This can reduce the chance that someone types in the wrong web address and does not land on your offer.

Offline marketing with flyers is a concept that you can find a lot of information about online.  Just come up with the right marketing message.  Create headlines that are hard for your target audience to ignore.  You can find free pdfs online that can help guide you through simple steps to take offline traffic online.

What if you are not focused on selling a product directly to consumers?  There are lots of offline marketing consultants that are more interested in selling the tools that small business owners might need to get ready for the coming mobile age.  Selling websites to business owners is also a popular topic online.  There are lots of businesses that are not already online.  Offline marketing in this area talks about getting those offline businesses online.  If you are one of those people that loves selling and are not afraid to talk to business owners, this could be your route to earning income.  Check places like the warrior forum offline thread to learn more about this topic.

Offline marketing methods may require you to get face to face.  You might be able to outsource some of the work.  The idea of printing up flyers or postcards and spending the day handing them out might not be your ideal marketing method.  Offline marketing might require you to get out of your comfort zone to help land new clients.


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