Offline Marketing and Online Marketing – What is the difference?

lots of people are focused just on internet marketing. The reason is really simple. Some people like the idea of working from home without having to interact with other people face to face or on the phone. This means that a marketer might be missing a whole other group of people that are ready to spend money.

The other people that are ready to spend money are walking around in the real world. This is the exciting world of offline marketing. When people leave the house, they bring a few important items with them. They usually have a cell phone or smartphone and they have their money.

Offline marketing means getting from behind the computer and putting your marketing skills to the test in the real world. Internet marketing is almost like marketing on autopilot. An internet marketer could setup websites and let them do the selling 24 hours a day without even talking to a prospect or customer. An offline marketer has to get in front of a person that can make a buying decision.

Part of the issue with offline marketing is the idea of rejection. Some marketers don’t want to deal with someone telling them no. They don’t want to get yelled at for offering their services or get kicked out of a place of business. Some marketers have a really tough skin and they don’t take it personal when it comes to going after new sales.

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