Offline Marketing for Your Online Business

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Marketing your home business online and offline are just part of the equation. Sometimes people tend to forget that there are lots of people that don’t connect to the web everyday. Offline marketing with good looking flyers or post cards can be another way to drive traffic from regular people to your site.

High traffic areas where people are on foot might be a good location to pass out flyers or post them where people can see them. Passing out flyers might not be something that you want to do personally. There is always that option of outsourcing some of this work to someone else. You can try those classified ads to see if you can find someone to do it for a reasonable price.

One time I was sitting in the parking lot of a large shopping mall and I noticed a guy walking around posting flyers on cars. He eventually got around to me. The guy was moving fast adding the flyers. I don’t know how many cars where in the parking lot, but he seemed to get the majority of them handled with flyers. He didn’t put the flyer on my windshield, because I was in the car and the window was rolled down. He just walked up and handed it to me and he was on his way to the next one. I glanced down at the flyer to see a simple headline and maybe a paragraph of text. At the bottom was a url for a blogspot blog. After I finished my business at the mall, I had to check the google blogger blog to see what it was about. So in the end it really worked. The guy got the message distributed and he ended up getting a viewing of his website.

Did I buy anything on the site? I don’t think so, but he might have generated a small amount of income from google adsense. The point is that there are real people that are being passed over with regular internet marketing. There are lots of people that are just going about their daily lives that might be interested in what you have to offer, but you might have to market to them in the real world to get them to take a look.

Offline marketing with flyers doesn’t have to be really expensive. You can get inexpensive copy paper and hand write your flyers if you want. Then just make some cheap photo copies. You could also create a simple flyer on your home computer and use a good quality laser printer to make your flyers. If you really want to take it up a notch, you could use a commercial printer and create something really dazzling for the eye.

Businesses love internet marketing because of the low cost and the wide potential distribution. Offline marketing in the real world might be another stream of potential local prospects that you can bring to your business.

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