Offline Affiliate Marketing Options

Everybody is focused on internet marketing

  • Offline marketing might require talking to people
  • Giving away flyers or other printed materials
  • Talking to business owners
  • Trying to drive real people online through web addresses
  • Think about mobile marketing
  • Think about creating signs
  • Think about qr codes

Lots of real businesses offline

  • Most of the business is done offline
  • Real world business didn’t go away because of the internet
  • Bridge the tech gap for the non tech savvy business owners
  • Some business people want to put a face to a name

Offline Traffic to Online Offers

  • Coupons still work
  • Business cards with web addresses
  • Real books and real free reports
  • Inexpensive give aways
  • Postcards and small flyers with web addresses

Affiliate Links and Domain Names

  • Domain names are super cheap
  • Make affiliate links look like regular dot com websites
  • Make sure your affiliate links and sites are mobile ready
  • Easy and Short Web Addresses

Offline Marketing Leverage

  • View of the Offline Marketing Threads on Warrior Forum
  • Print up some business cards and pass them around
  • Watch online videos on offline marketing techniques
  • Print / Classified Advertising

Mobile Devices and Mobile Marketing

  • Just about everybody has a smartphone, cell phone or an ipad
  • Where are the high traffic areas?
  • Can you outsource your offline marketing?

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