Offline Affiliate Marketing

All affiliate marketing is not done online. The affiliate gets a link to drive sales. People may be missing the people walking around in the real world. There is real business that gets done everyday by regular people.

The affiliate link may be used in the offline world. Take that link and add it to a good domain name. The web addresses are cheap these days. You can get a domain name for a low cost for one year. Attach the affiliate link through forwarding and then use it in the real world.

Where could you potentially use a domain name in offline offers? What about generating flyers? Printed materials like flyers or postcards are just a few options. Offline marketing strategies still has an online option.

People are connected to the web just about all the time. You could probably reach into your pocket right now and pull out a computer that has internet access. People are checking prices while they are walking through the streets. They are seeing signs and ads all the time.

Think about the types of products that can be sold offline.  What do you look for when in the real world.  There are some types of items that will get purchased everyday.  People are going to buy food and gas on a daily basis.  Is there an affiliate marketing offer that can fit that daily buying pattern.

Come up with your offline marketing goals.  Come up with your offline marketing plan.  Some people don’t have a problem talking to strangers and passing out information.  Don’t forget about using leverage for your offline marketing business.  Some cpa marketing courses show you how to leverage people for passing out flyers.

Find the affiliate offers that you want to promote and test it.

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