New Squidoo Rules and Setting Up Your Own Websites

One of the free places to share your content is squidoo. Squidoo was a place where you could add a lens and do a little bit of affiliate marketing without too much of a hassle. Everything changes and you might have noticed this not only with squidoo, but other sites as well.

The changes coming to squidoo pages might make you want to reconsider using it. You might have spent a lot of time creating pages of content on squidoo. Now the rules have started to change and they want you to keep updating your lens. They might flag your squidoo lens and your might be locked or deleted. Squidoo pages were great for adding content and affiliate marketing. Now squidoo pages are going to need your constant attention to stay live.

The new squidoo rules might start to rub you the wrong way. You are spending time writing content and posting it, but they might not think your content is worthy. You might open your email and notice that your previously approved pages are not in line with the new squidoo rules. What happens if you have lots of squidoo pages and they are getting flagged left and right? The new squidoo rules might have your content right in its cross hairs.

Are you still going to post your content on squidoo? Some users might consider dropping squidoo all together. Dropping squidoo might seem harsh, but are you ready to start jumping through all the new hoops in the hope of keeping your content live? Dropping squidoo and creating your own sites is going to start sounding much better than worrying about your content getting targeted by the new algorithm.

—–> Setup Your Own Site Fast

When you create a piece of content, you want it to stick. Instead of placing your new content on a site that someone else runs, you can get your site and call all the shots and make all rules. Web hosting is not that expensive when you think about it. For under 10 dollars a month, you can take control of your online marketing ventures.

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