More Blogging Topics for Your Blog

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You might have a good idea for a blog and then you get it all started.  Then you start to run into an issue with coming up with content for it.  Blogs are so easy to create that it makes it easy to go overboard with launching them.

Getting content for your blog does not have to be that hard.  Sit down and start writing a list of all the things that you want to cover with your blog.  There are lots of different topics that you can cover.

Go to the google free keyword tool and start to look around.  Type in some of the keywords that are used in your niche.  Type in a few of the top websites that are in this niche.  When you use the free google key word tool, they will give you some ideas that you can run with.

Do something really simple like opening up microsoft word.  Start your own brainstorming session around your topic.  There are other programs that you can use besides microsoft word.  Notepad is another quick program that will allow you to record your thoughts.  Another good program to use is audacity.  This is an audio recording program.  So if you don’t want to sit down writing at the computer, you can just talk the words into the voice recorder.  There are other programs that work well for brainstorming that are free. The mind mapping program called freemind is another option.  These are all tools that don’t have to cost you money, but they can help you come up with topics to discuss on your blog.

When you think of a blog, the first thought that comes to mind is written text. You don’t have to limit yourself to this type of content.  Pictures, audio and video can all be used on your blog.  Take some pictures and talk about them.  How do they relate to your blog topic?  Make short videos and talk about it.  

Start creating big and long lists of things related to your topic.  Just keep coming up with more ideas and options that are related.  What are some of the basics that are involved in your blogging area?  What are some of the newest developments?  You can keep building your list.

Back to the google free keyword tool.  Download the keywords that you find.  You can store that information on your computer and come back to it at a later time.  Open up some draft blog posts and start coming up with new blog titles based on some of the highly searched keywords.  Think about what your audience will want to read.  Can you make your headlines attention grabbing?  Take the boring blog titles and start to turn them into something more flashy and eye catching.

The thing to remember is that you are dealing in the information business.  Information is constantly changing and growing.  You can start to use your creativity to come up with new blog posts and they don’t all have to be written text.  You could get extra mileage out of your current blog posts just by turning them into audio podcasts or videos.  Keep building your list of topics and you don’t have to run out of ideas for new blogging options.

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