Money Making Ideas

Who doesn’t want to learn more money making ideas?  The first one that people will move to is blogging.  Setting up a blog and creating content seems like the easy way to start earning income online.  It might be harder than most people think.

Fast blogging can be done with wordpress.  It is a top content management system.  You can install it in a matter of minutes and have a high powered website ready for online global visitors.  The easy side of wordpress is also one of the downfalls.  The same way that you can create a fast website with wordpress means that anyone else can do it too.  Can you smell the competition?

How can you make your site different than the others?  It might all come down to focus.  The answer might be in niche websites.  You have to make the decision about whether to create a general website or a niche website.  Are you going to create a big website that talks about everything in the category like espn or are you going to make a site that focuses just on high school football in your state?

Make your site look really professional with well designed wordpress themes.  There are lots of free wordpress themes available and they could work for your needs.  Premium wordpress themes can have more options and features that the regular free wp theme versions don’t include.

WordPress is a software platform and there are extra extensions to make it even more powerful.  Plugins can add more functions to your site to help you get things done easier.  The best wordpress plugins can be installed in just a few minutes and configured.

The quick adsense wp plugin helps you to place google adsense on your blog.  Really easy to use.  Just copy your google adsense code into the plugin and your site is updated.  Hint:  You don’t have to use the program with just google adsense.  Take your affiliate marketing to the next level by placing your affiliate links using this plugin.

The pretty links lite wp plugin turns your ugly long links into better looking links.  This can be the ultimate shortcut.  If you are using clickbank or other links that are long and disgusting, you can pop them into pretty links lite and put a nice big bow around them.

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