Mobile Websites for Your Home Business

Creating Mobile Apps with HTML5

There are a lot of business owners that understand that they need a webpage. A webpage can be an online brochure for your company. It doesn’t have to be just your basic contact information. Some webpages can serve as much more.

The internet is evolving and the rules have changed a lot since the web first got started.  Internet web pages might have only had basic static text on them in the past.  People were connecting to the internet from their computers at home or at work.  Computers were expensive in the past, but now with new technology computers are getting cheaper and smaller.

Just a few years ago, it would be crazy to think that people would have mobile computers.  Laptops hit the market and they were expensive.  Businesses that had a real need to be mobile might equip their business users with laptops to get business done.  As the years progressed, the cost of computers continued to drop.  At the same time, cell phones started to take off.  You remember the first cell phones.  They were big and bulky.  They looked like the bricks that make a house.  Business people were the first ones to get them too.  You might remember seeing these types of cell phones in some of the old tv shows like LA Law.  The business professionals were the first ones to get access to these expensive devices.

Now the game has completely changed.  Just move forward a few years and it seems like we have moved at warp speed to this new computer age that we are living in.  The top line computer market has changed from business to consumer.  Now your prospects and regular people are walking around with some of the top of the line computer products on the market.

Cellphones have changed like transformers from big bulky bricks to small powerful smartphones with fast processors, big screens and multi-use functions.  Now smartphones are really powerful computers that are sitting in the palm of your prospects hands.  As all of this change has been happening, most of the business owners with a basic internet website have been asleep at the switch.

How often do you update your website?  Some business owners got their website created a long time ago and never decided to touch it again.  They might have hired someone to create the site for them and they never learned how to update or maintain it.  They might have spent a lot of money to get the site created a long time ago and didn’t want to go back and have another expensive experience again.  So there are probably a lot of websites that were created a long time ago that have not be brought up to the new realities of this current mobile standard.

Are you ignoring mobile devices?

Your clients and prospects are walking around with computers.  They have internet access and they can make buying decisions on the go.  They don’t have to wait to go home to dial up America Online anymore. They can make quick decisions on purchases in an instant.  Mobile devices are more than just a way to get quick entertainment.  Business owners can think of them as small digital wallets.  A business owner has to think about the new mobile device market and how it can effect their business.

A mobile website is the starting point that a business owner has to investigate.  Why is a mobile website an essential part of the new online marketing plan?  All a business owner has to do is think of the following scenario.  A prospect is searching for a product.  They don’t have to sit at home.  They could be walking down the street and see something that triggers their want or desire for a product.  They can reach into their pocket and pull out a smartphone with internet access.  They can immediately do a mobile web search to look for the product that they want.  A list of websites will get presented to them.  Now the prospect is presented with a list of websites to visit.  The user can click on the link and get redirected to the business owners site.  After the user clicks, they land on a page that is not optimized for mobile devices.  What do you think that buyer prospect is going to do?

The internet is filled with businesses selling products.  What would you do if you pulled up a website and it didn’t show up correctly?  Would you stay on that webpage for long?  Probably not.  The internet browser has a feature that only one click away that can have a big impact on your business.  Do you want to know what that feature is?  It is called the back button.  The web user can easily hit the back button on the mobile web browser and get access to some other companies that have the item that they are looking for.  All it takes is an instant and the chance for the sale is gone for good.

Don’t ignore the new mobile internet market.  Some companies are jumping in and getting their mobile websites created to take advantage of this new opportunity.  The way that people connect is changing.  People keep their mobile devices close to them always.  The internet is only a few feet away.  Make sure that your business is ready to handle the new mobile prospect market.

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