Mobile Marketing Tips – Home Business and Mobile Marketing Opportunities USA, LLC

  1. Setup a facebook page for your home business
  2. Setup a twitter page
  3. Get a smartphone
  4. Get a tablet computer
  5. Create a blogger blog for your home business
  6. Check your sites with smartphones and tablets
  7. Get qr codes / quick response codes
  8. Add qr codes to your offline marketing pieces
  9. Use offline flyers
  10. Create a mailing list
  11. Use social media to keep clients engaged
  12. Create home business videos
  13. Post videos on different video hosting sites
  14. Take pictures
  15. Tag your information with keywords
  16. Create free information products
  17. Distribute articles on article directory sites
  18. Update business cards with social media, mobile domain names and qr codes
  19. Add blogging to your home business tasks
  20. Watch online and offline marketing tips on youtube and add comments

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