Mobile Marketing is here are you ready for it?

More people are starting to use the web from their mobile phones.  There are probably a lot of business owners that are still thinking about someone sitting at home in front of a computer sitting at a desk.  There is a shift going on in computing and you need to know it.

The internet is available for the mobile web user.  Just take a look at your own cell phone.  In fact, it is probably not even a regular cell phone but a smartphone.  I bet that you can reach out and touch your smartphone without even having to move to get it.  People keep their smartphones close by.

Smartphones are powerful computers that give regular people access to all the information and entertainment that they can handle.  Regular cell phones are going the way of the dinosaur.  Can you remember when you paid a lot of money for your regular cell phone and you had to have a 2 year contract.  Now you can buy a regular cell phone for under 20 dollars.  Smartphones are not the only game in town when it comes to using the web on the go.  Laptops and tablet computers are both options for people while they are moving to and fro.

There are plenty of webpages online that are not ready for the mobile web.  They were formatted for the regular large screen monitors that people have been used to since the computer revolution began.  Now all of that content needs to be ready for someone with a smartphone or a tablet.



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